Headaches and Intuition

Published Date 11/12/2012
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In order to keep this third eye open you have to focus on silencing your mind

We all receive headaches from time to time. Normally though, for most, it’s because we can’t stop our brains from constantly thinking about what to do, work, relationships, family life…the list goes on and on.
Our third eye chakra is related to our mind and intuition. If you have a million thoughts a minute and cannot stop it until you sleep, then you are allowing yourself to close off this third eye. The third eye is located in the middle of your forehead above your eyebrows and radiates a purple/violet light. If it is closed it can cause a headache in the front of your forehead and cut off all of your intuition.

In order to keep this third eye open you have to focus on silencing your mind. Try taking some silent time to yourself when you have a headache. Normally headaches will block you from thinking straight, so this is the perfect time to sit in a silent dark room and focus on deep breathing.  Plant both feet on the floor and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth trying to keep the breaths as slow as possible.

Once you are able to breathe without thinking. Focus on a bright purple light radiating out of your forehead and a purple eye opening up. Feel the pressure release from your mind as your thoughts disappear.

Another good way to open this third eye is to use a piece of Sodalite crystal. This crystal is a dark electric blue color with white swirled through it. Lie down on your back in a flat position and place the stone where the third eye should be. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Once the third eye opens up, you will feel the pain being sucked out of your head.

Once this third eye is open and the mind is silent, you will be amazed at how the answers you were seeking will just open up and flow to you!


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