Having Gratitude for My Near-Death Experience

Date 10/14/2021
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"Then out of nowhere, just like in a dream, I saw a sunset behind me."

"Then out of nowhere, just like in a dream, I saw a sunset behind me."

Hello, my name is Rosemarie.  I was able to more deeply understand my psychic nature after a brush with death. I survived a near-death experience back in July 2018.

I went into labor with my third child earlier than expected and ended up having an emergency C-section. Thankfully, he was born healthy and my recovery was smooth and quick. But, about 3 weeks after I had my son, I was having stabbing upper back pains. I thought it was my fault from how I held my posture while nursing him. However, days passed, and I made an appointment to see a chiropractor and get a massage.

On my way to driving to my appointment, I audibly heard, “Go to the ER… Go!” I wanted to ignore the message because I felt foolish showing up at the ER for back pain, but I pulled over and asked my guides to confirm the message I was receiving to go to the hospital, and I got a green light. So, I changed my route from the chiropractor to the ER. Once I arrived, I told them I was having this sharp back pain, and they asked me where, and checked my heart and lungs. After my initial check-in, I was rushed to a room.

Upon meeting the doctor and checking my vitals, he ordered a CT-scan. I thought nothing of it, until I met the technician who conducted my scan. I saw his face turn white and saw his aura turn green and red, and I felt the worry coming from him. He only said, “I hope you feel better soon” and I knew something was wrong. I instantly began crying when I got back to my room, I called my husband and asked him to rush to the hospital with the kids.

The doctor came back to deliver the news that I had a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot, that was lodged in my lung and it had cut off about a quarter of my left lung function at that point. He said he needed to admit me. I asked for how long and what should I do. He said he wouldn't know until they watched how my body responded to blood thinners. He couldn't reassure me that I would survive, he only advised me to relax and if I believed in God to “Pray!”

A day into my hospital stay and undergoing multiple tests, my clot was not shrinking, and nothing was improving, in fact it was becoming more unbearable. I was unable to walk. Then out of nowhere I couldn't breathe, I felt like I couldn't catch my breath at all. I gasped and gasped for air. My husband rang the emergency button and nurses rushed in and injected medicine into my arm and I passed out. I fell asleep, but I could hear the doctor and more nurses come in. From above, I was looking at my mother-in-law and husband being pushed back by medical staff. Then out of nowhere, just like in a dream, I saw a sunset behind me.

I was suddenly inside a body of water, walking deeper and deeper. The further into the beautiful technicolored water that I walked the more physical pain left my body. I felt the reversal of drowning; I could actually breathe again. The more submerged by the water I became, the lighter and more comfortable my body felt. I walked into this multi-colored luminescent water.

Inside the water, I felt peace, warmth, calm, comfort and overwhelming joy. I began to float in this free-flowing water. I knew as I looked into the sunset that I must've died. On realizing this, I looked back to the beach and standing on the sand was my husband holding my newborn son, and our two older children. I began to swim back, but it felt like I couldn't reach them. I felt the feelings of my children wanting their mommy and the grief my husband felt being a widower. I saw the beauty in my family that I, at times, unknowingly took for granted. I was overwhelmed with emotion and put in a position of choice. I was telepathically told that if I go back it won't be easy. The physical pain will return. I was told that if I choose to go back and endure the physical pain, a spiritual pain will follow, an awakening.

My purpose was revealed to me.

I was meant to help others believe in and see this beautiful light I was exposed to. I was given an intense, expanded awareness. The awareness to see beyond the illusion. I was told that I was being invited to revisit old wounds and undergo a deeper healing, but only if I wanted to. I felt the sunset, whom I believe to be God, encouraging me to go back. It was explained to me that I could do this, because I was strong enough and I knew my family needed me.

The purpose of gifting me this expansion in my awareness was to shift my perspectives, release old perceptions, connect me closer to my guides and align me to those in my pre-planned spiritual path. I was shown that I would be a lighthouse to many people on a broad scale through a large platform. This is why I chose to work for Psychic Source. When I saw the opportunity to use my gifts professionally, I felt chills up and down my body. “Truth bumps” I like to call them, an affirmation from my guides, divine timing is involved.

It may be very rare to go through a near-death experience. I think these experiences are used to help an individual re-align to their highest and best path in life. We all have free will, and even in the case of my Near-Death Experience, I was given a choice, but I was also shown the consequences of what leaving would look like for my family and the grief they would endure.

I am so grateful that I chose to come back.

Coming back was not easy, by any means, I purged my old belief systems and learned to accept my shadow attributes. I focused day after day and night after night on developing my connection to God and with my guides and angels. I believe the purpose was to create a deep sense of clarity within me, also to expand my awareness and create more opportunities to develop and share my gifts to help others.

I've come to understand that near-death experiences happen to people who have been feeling stuck in life and need a radical wake-up call and opportunity to expand their consciousness. The veils of illusion are lifted, old ways of thinking and being are transformed through a change in perspectives. The spiritual realm steps in and offers an opportunity to make its presence known if the individual decides to go back and complete their life's mission. A near-death experience allows you to see yourself, your current situation and your journey with deeper clarity.

You don't need to have a near-death experience to gain the gifts that come along with it. Meditation is the first step to connecting to the universe and receiving clarity for your own life. Be open, choose to let go of limiting past beliefs and receive clarity about your future and destined path. Many spiritual advisors, myself included, love to help you find the answers within. At the end of the day, you are here, alive, for a reason. Life is beautiful and I am so happy to be here, living it! I'm glad that you are too!


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