Have Realistic Expectations When Evaluating A Psychic's Advice

Published Date 12/1/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Have Realistic Expectations When Evaluating A Psychic's Advice

Individuals' expectations about what psychic mediums can accomplish during readings are often unrealistic. Their misconceptions cut to the heart of what's often misunderstood about psychic ability.

As medium Evin Pavlina described on her blog, it's more about interpreting feelings than reading a recipient's mind. Being both intuitive and empathetic allows Pavlina and other psychics to react to a person's strongest feelings at the time of a reading because those are the signals that are closest to the surface. Digging deeper is where clairvoyance comes into play and is more likely to uncover why it is that you're feeling the way you do.

When they conduct readings, people with psychic ability often go beyond their own capabilities by seeking the help of spirit guides, protective angels or those who've passed on but were once close to the recipient of the reading. It's a respectful relationship, though. Mediums often ask these guides for permission to access their presence so they can do their best to help the person in need of guidance.

The same can be said about predicting the future. Free will comes into play, after all, and whatever a psychic tells you may change because you take steps to make it change. Rather than view what a psychic says as a prediction, view his or her words as an evaluation of where you've been, what your current situation is and where you may be headed. Then give the psychic credit for providing guidance and congratulate yourself for taking the right path based on this knowledge.

A reputable medium does much more than provide a "cold reading," which is usually nothing more than making generalized statements that could apply to anyone. The person with true psychic ability feels the value of the information imparted by people's energy and the spirits that surround them, then passes it on to bring about the best outcomes.


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