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Published Date 4/5/2017
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Never give up on your dreams!

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Being a Tarot professional, many people think that I should have all the answers, or that my life should be perfect since I should be able to see everything that the future holds for me. Over the years, I have discovered that destiny is something we create every time the Universe makes us choose between two options. 

Each of us has some lessons to learn in this life for our soul to evolve. But we are not all on the same path, and we do not all have the same lessons to learn. These are the components of the essence of life, knowing that every challenge we live is a lesson we must learn, and that until we learn that lesson we cannot move towards a new chapter in our lives.

We live in a time when we are told always that the essential is outside of us that we must buy or consume something. They are messages that leave us thinking that there is something incomplete about us, or that we are a failure. But life is much simpler, we are valid as we are, we do not need anything that is outside of ourselves. 

We All Have Innate Wisdom
We are souls on an evolutionary path to grow, we all have an innate wisdom. That wisdom that is within us, that inner voice that guides us and warns us is our Intuition. We have all been endowed with this wonderful gift, but in the modern and industrial world in which everything goes so fast, many people live a disconnect with their intuition.

Find Pleasure in the Little Things
Intuition guides you and warns you so that you do not have to suffer so much in your evolutionary path. It will not free us from all future pain, since pain is part of those lessons we have, but it can diminish our suffering. One of the most famous quotes by Buddha says "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional." You yourself are the key ingredient of what makes it vital and worthwhile, not purchasing an ideal that does not belong to your life and has no inherent value. The material moves us away from our ultimate destiny, and our spiritual path. It is important to spend time in nature, to find pleasure in the little things and joys that give us life. And the most important thing is to love and do everything with love. Don’t overlook small acts of kindness such as holding the door to the person behind us, giving a smile, saying thank you or asking for forgiveness. 

True Love Begins With Yourself
Of the thousands of Tarot readings I have done, I have learned that true love begins with ourselves. It is only after falling in love with your own life and yourself that you can find in another person that essence that complements you, because you are already complete as it is.

Never give up on your dreams, but make sure you do not lose the visions and intuitive perceptions that are being given to you. If you need help in organizing your thoughts and letting yourself be guided by your own intuition, I await your call. A good psychic advisor can do wonders to guide you along your path and help you trust your own intuition.

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