Good Or Bad Karma May Be Just Around The Corner

Published Date 4/25/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Good Or Bad Karma May Be Just Around The Corner

Over the course of your lifetime, you might have been told that your actions are going to bring about either good or bad karma, but what does this mean? Even if you aren't a religious or spiritual person, there are many reasons to familiarize yourself with this concept. People around you might strongly believe in karma, and understanding it can help you better grasp your friends and family.

Psychology Today magazine claims that karma can be simply defined as good or ill will. The idea is that what goes around comes around - this means that if you commit a negative act, you can expect it to come around in a different form in your life at some point in the future.

As BBC News reports, karma is a staple in many religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. However, even the least religious people believe in karma, making it a universal concept. Whether or not you believe in the existence of luck, some people would argue that it plays a role in everyday life.

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