Good Karma through Good Choices.

Published Date 5/28/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Good Karma comes back ten-fold!

We're taught as children to make good choices. We are rewarded with stickers, prizes, affection, snacks and play time when we do well. Then we grow up, get busy and settle into a routine. We can forget there is choice all together. Sometimes we get so used to the patterns we create; we forget they determine the very outcomes we see around us. If you're not happy with where you are now, re-examine the choices you've made. Then make necessary adjustments to assure a happy future.
Don't forget your basic right as a human being to choose happiness.
I see many people who feel that what their spouses, co-workers, friends, families do, have, or where they live define who they are. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in what others expect and demand of us and how we fit into their big picture that we forget to choose for ourselves. Choose your own happiness first, and then decide how you will influence and share it with others from that place of self-love.
Choices made from deep within may not appear rational to the onlooker. Others may even flat out resent your choices, so you have to be sure to express them with love. Others will admire your bravery and follow you to empowerment. Either way at the end of the day; it is you who lives with it. No outside influence should be held responsible for your happiness or karma.
Good karma is created through your good choices. If you truly want to be happy, make good choices based on self-love. This way you create happiness everywhere in your life. You will find the happier you are the happier others around you will be also. Fortunately, happiness is infectious. Lead the way by keeping the good karma flowing with good choices.


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