Giving Thanks - Psychic Source Advisors Express What They Are Thankful For This Year

Date 11/24/2021
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Give Thanks

Psychic Source Advisors Give Thanks

It has certainly been an unusual and challenging time for all of us these past two years, but we didn't want to lose sight of the positive still happening in the world. As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, we asked our Psychic Source Advisor family to share some of the things they are thankful for this year and a sampling of their responses are below.

Please share a comment below and let us know what you are thankful for this year too!

Psychic Roxanne x3051

Roxanne x3051

"I am grateful for witnessing and receiving random acts of kindness from strangers - it reminds us we are all connected as humans! It reminds us that there are good people out there who want to lift us up."

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Psychic Willow x8048

Willow x8048

"My children, grandkids and great grandkids. Having the ability to connect and help others. Laughter, no matter what my problems are, after tears the rainbow."

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Psychic Morgana x4757

Morgana x4757

"My children, grandkids and great grandkids. Having the ability to connect and help others. Laughter, no matter what my problems are, after tears the rainbow."

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Psychic Rhiannon x3572

Rhiannon x3572

"I am most grateful for each moment, each breath, each tear, each smile, each embrace. I am thankful for each opportunity to experience this extraordinary time on this amazing planet."

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Psychic Arthur x8237

Arthur x8237

"I am grateful to my family of friends for their random gestures of love and kindness. I enjoy helping others, so I'm thankful for the opportunity to do that daily with a client base that tolerates my eccentricities."

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Psychic Izzy x9366

Izzy x9366

"I am most thankful for my family, pets and friends. I find comfort in nature and going within for the answers that really matter. I am blessed to work at Psychic Source."

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Psychic Sigil x4815

Sigil x4815

"I am so grateful for the health and well-being of my family and friends. I am so thanful to be a new advisor on Psychic Source and to meet and help so many amazing people. "

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Psychic Juliette x9440

Juliette x9440

"I am so grateful for the health and well-being of my family and friends. I am so thanful to be a new advisor on Psychic Source and to meet and help so many amazing people. "

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Psychic Bonnie x7982

Bonnie x7982

"Though I am very grateful for my daily practice of expressing gratitude for all the little things, little moments that make up my life, I am especially grateful for my connections to family, friends, and the many wonderful people I connect with on Psychic Source."

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Psychic Quinn x4699

Quinn x4699

"I am thankful for the opportunity to holistically reconnect with opening up. We all feel the physical pressure lifting as isolation dissolves; but emotionally, we are opening as well + evolving to connect with ourselves and others in a deeper capacity. I'm grateful for the awareness to cultivate curiosity in this challenging time instead of fear. "

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Psychic Ramona x4671

Ramona x4671

"This year I am most thankful for my clients who help me more than I help them. There have been times where I have been struggling with my emotions and my clients have brightened my day or allowed me to shift my perceptions and perspectives. Through these conversations I understand that we are in the struggle together and together we can journey to the light!"

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Psychic Dakini x4768

Dakini x4768

"I am deeply grateful for all the beautiful souls I have in my life I get to call my friends. They truly love and accept the beautiful, generous, shining parts of me along with the more challenging, stubborn, darker parts of me all the same. When you have people like that in your life, it is truly life changing."

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Psychic Phoebe x4727

Phoebe x4727

"I am so very thankful for my husband. Without him, I would never be able to achieve my dream as a Psychic Advisor! He is my rock and the other half of my soul."

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Psychic Lexi x8036

Lexi x8036

"To say I’m thankful for my family is definitely true, but I’m thankful for the everyday things. Being able to work with Psychic Source and all the different energies from callers, watching a funny movie, taking a walk, hugging my fur babies. It’s the little things that make our lives and move us forward."

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Psychic Charlene x4759

Charlene x4759

"This year brought my family back to within only a couple hundred miles between us instead of the thousands that we've been separated by for almost a decade, and I couldn't be more thankful for anything."

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Psychic Rheda x8860

Rheda x8860

"I am most grateful for my family's continued health. My dad is 83 and I'm grateful for the moments I spend in his presence experiencing him soul to soul and heart to heart. I also grateful that my mother's passing has become more bearable at the four year mark, and that I continue to find ways to be more present in my life, and in those more present moments I am filled continually with new broader grace and divine love that enables me to love myself."

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Psychic Jess x4808

Jess x4808

"I am most thankful for the self reflecting I did this year . I had a honest conversation with myself about what kind of life I wanted to be living . I made a gratitude list of the people and experiences that I am thankful for and a list of goals needed to get me where I want to be. Almost all of my goals that I’ve set, I’ve met."

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Psychic Janax x7750

Janax x7750

"My husband died in July, he was a professional musician,and a tribute concert was held in his name for his talent. The outpouring of recognition of his talent from the musical community of his gifts have made me grateful."

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Psychic Faith x9292

Faith x9292

"I am really grateful during such upheaval in the world to have still been able to keep such consistent contact with the clients on Psychic Source, and be able to help and feel their gratitude. I am also grateful for those loved ones that have made up my chosen family."

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Psychic Kittie x3602

Kittie x3602

"I am most thankful for a roof over my daughter and my head and food on our table. I am thankful for my daughter and the young woman she has become this year. And I am thankful to have the opportunity to be in college to provide a better life for myself and family."

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Psychic Veronica x4739

Veronica x4739

"I am thankful for hope, it seemed dim for a while but brought me to the sunlight."

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Psychic Benji x4802

Benji x4802

"This year of 2021, I am most thankful for my wife! We got married on 7/11/21 after jumping off the Stratosphere Skyjump in Las Vegas! I have been praying for her for a long time and to finally have her is even better than what I imagined. I am thankful."

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Psychic Ursula x9927

Ursula x9927

"I am so grateful for my pets! They are my extended family. I love the fact that they have a natural 6th sense and are free with their love, devotion and healing."

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Psychic Katherine x3311

Katherine x3311

"I'm so grateful to have survived covid. It took over 7 months to get through long haulers covid and I'm on the other side. Grateful to all the nurses and doctors who helped me along the way."

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Psychic Hope x3496

Hope x3496

"Being blessed to be more awaken to my abundance, regardless of how small or big they are, being blessed to be healthy to enjoy and love those closest to my heart, and being blessed to continue inspiring people with HOPE around the world."

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