Get Off The Roller Coaster and Let The Energy Flow by Psychic Gracie

Date 9/18/2015

Are you living on an emotional roller coaster?

Are you living on an emotional roller coaster?

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When an Advisor gives a prediction or probable outcome during a reading, it can sometimes lead to our wanting it so badly that it can actually prevent us from having it. Going on with our lives and allowing things to naturally unfold as they should bring about a much better outcome and more likely reduced amount of time. 

We often begin to over focus on the desired outcome by living in our heads too much of the time rather than continuing to move forward in our daily lives. Waiting and watching for when it will happen…  How about now?  Is this the moment?  Maybe this is?  As we act this way, we begin holding our breath like we’re actually waiting for something, any sort of sign to validate a prediction.  Maybe it’s a phone call or text message, a certain date that we expect to be coming.  We begin to create anxiety and a huge amount of fear.
Realizing Where We Are Putting Our Focus
This is the first step to the start of the viscous cycle. By obsessing on what we desire, we become unbalanced. We actually stop the flow of the energy from moving the event toward us, creating delays in what has now become most of (or all) of our life. We become stuck. There is nothing happening, no movement. Before we know it, we are constantly living in the future on a full time basis

We somehow start feeling all of our happiness, love and joy reside in front of us for when the event actually happens. The flip side of this is, is that when the pain of the waiting becomes too much and we’re exhausted from it, we start looking back on the times we were happy, and suddenly we value where we were then far more than the moments of now.

True, those memories can give us a few pain free moments, but we can't live there either. The past is gone. That's when the depression sets in. Sound familiar? Thus the almighty roller coaster ride.

It becomes all about escaping the pain. Our life has become a place we no longer want to be.  We’re miserable, we feel stuck.  This is actually a great time to consult a Psychic Advisor to get some insight. 

Letting Go Allows The Energy To Flow
There comes a time where letting go is the best (and only) option. Whether it’s in regard to a love relationship were longing so badly for, the return of a former romance, a financial situation to resolve, court case to settle, or some material thing we are wanting, it’s all the same. If we put all of our focus, time and energy into anything, we are not living our life as we normally would. This does not allow us to go with the natural flow of the universal energy. 

We Are All Connected By Our Energy
As psychic advisors, we feel the energy of you or the people involved in the situation and providing you with the information we see in our minds eye, sense and feel. When we let go and allow the energy to flow freely back and forth as it's meant to, suddenly we’re living in the present moment. There is no pain in the now. From the present moment, we create our future.

Every thought or emotion we think or feel and take action on moves us to tomorrow. That's where we've been looking so forward to being. Thinking repetitive thoughts, obsessing, living in our heads for fear that if we let go of the object of our desire will disappear is the real illusion. Letting go, doesn't mean you don't want it or its going away. It's quite the opposite. 

When we can let go and start living from a more balanced place, if we can put it on the back burner knowing it's still there, we open up the energy to allow it to flow through us, most likely bringing what we have been holding our breath waiting for that brought all that pain and suffering to us to subside.

Trusting The Universe
It's all about our thoughts, feelings and ability to trust the universe. What we resist or fear the most persists. We only bring more to us. When we let go, keep moving forward, and accept what is present, we manifest our hearts desires because we are allowing it to flow right into our lives!

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