Full Moon in Virgo - February 2019 Learning to Love the Little Things Meditation

Published Date 2/19/2019
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The Virgo Full Moon’s energy helps you connect with the little things solid relationships are built upon.  Use today’s guided meditation to harness that energy and strengthen your relationships!


February’s full moon is sometimes called the Snow moon. Several Native American tribes in the northern and eastern part of the United States considered this the time of year when the snow would fall the heaviest. It is also known as the Hunger Moon because winter stores would be running low about now and it was difficult to find food. This full moon will also be the largest of 2019.

The Snow Moon rises under the sign of Virgo. If you were to name signs that naturally lent themselves to forming or strengthening relationships, Virgo might not be the first one that you think of. But that would be overlooking one of Virgo’s key strengths – noticing and appreciating the little things. Though there’s something to be said for making grand gestures, typically the moments where connections are built are during small, everyday activities.

Virgo Full Moon Meaning
There is no sign that loves the little things more than Virgo. The full moon in Virgo can help shed light on those small moments of heart connection to help establish a firm foundation for strong friendships, as well as lasting romantic partnerships. It’s all too easy to forget the little things some days. We lead busy lives and the impact of those small moments might get lost while we’re rushing to meet a deadline for work or racing to knock another thing off our to-do list. But Virgo’s energy reminds us that stopping to notice them can point the way towards even greater connection.

Feel like you could use some help in picking up on those small moments of heart connection?
Try this quick guided meditation to harness the energy of the full moon in Virgo to bring Virgo’s appreciation of the little things into your life.

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