Full Moon in Scorpio - May 2019 Protecting What's Important Meditation

Published Date 5/18/2019
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

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The Scorpio Full Moon's energy helps you find what is important to you so you can protect it. Use today's balancing meditation to harness that energy during the 2019 full moon in Scorpio.

The May full moon is sometimes called the Full Flower Moon. The fragile buds of April are coming into their own once May starts, strengthened by the rain and the fertile earth.

There are many ways to be of service in the world. While Scorpio might not be the first sign people think of when it comes to being of service, Scorpio is very protective. When you commit to protecting something important to you, you are helping ensure it will be around for other people who think it’s important too.

Scorpio Full Moon Meaning
Keep in mind that all kinds of service, big or small, are important. If you are an empath or a lightworker, it’s vital that you protect the gifts you’ve been endowed with so you can be a help to others. Whether you choose to protect your personal gifts, homeless pets, or a local park, you help contribute to making the world around you a better place to live.

Ready to explore what is worth protecting to you? Try this quick guided meditation to harness the protective energy of the Scorpio full moon, so you can find the way to best be of service.  

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