Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 2019 Expanding Your Psychic Gifts Meditation

Published Date 6/17/2019
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The Sagittarius Full Moon's energy is strong and expansive. Use today's meditation to harness that energy to expand your psychic gifts during the 2019 full moon in Sagittarius.

The June full moon is sometimes called the Strawberry Moon. Strawberries are just reaching their peak. They are at their most ripe and delicious at this time.

Sagittarius Full Moon Meaning
Some of us are born with certain gifts—an eye for color, an ear for music. And some of us, while we may not have started out being especially gifted in one area, through practice and dedication, found that we were able to develop a fairly strong ability in that area. Sagittarius’s energy is all about expansion, taking something small and making it bigger.

Even if we have had the luck to be born with innate skills, it takes more than luck to become proficient. Ask anyone who has achieved any high level of skill in any field. They will tell you that any skills they were born with served as a foundation. Dedication and practice built the rest.

Expand Your Gifts
The good news is that all of us are born with the gift of intuition. Access to our Third Eye and all the skills associated with it are our birthright. While some of us might be more aware of our innate intuitive skills than others, we all can benefit from exercises that strengthen them. With practice, we all have the ability to open our minds to see past the limitations of an earthly plane to experience multiple dimensions. Psychic Source is happy to serve as your resource to help you to access your psychic gifts. Don’t forget, our advisors are experienced guides for people ready to make this journey. 

Ready to expand on your innate gifts?  Try this quick guided meditation to harness the expansive energy of the Sagittarius full moon, so you can start to build your psychic skills.

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