Full Moon in Libra - March 2019 Balance in the Midst of Chaos Meditation

Published Date 3/20/2019
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The Libra Full Moon’s energy helps you find balance in the midst of chaos.  Use today’s guided meditation for confidence to harness that energy and you can find your center no matter what Mercury Retrograde throws your way!

The full moon in March is sometimes called the Worm moon, to recognize the softening of the earth after the winter thaw and the appearance of earthworms. When the earthworms are back, robins and other spring birds aren't too far behind. Some also refer to the March full moon as the Crow moon, because the renewed cawing of the crows marked the end of winter.

The full Worm moon rises in Libra. We’re also in a period of Mercury retrograde, which for many people equals a time of chaos and miscommunication. Even setting aside the effects of Mercury’s backwards waltz, its hard to deny that there are things larger than ourselves that can exert powerful influences over our lives. Something as simple as unexpected weather can be the difference between an enjoyable day out or an exercise in misery. But Libra’s energy reminds us that while there is a lot that is out of our control that doesn’t mean we have no control. 

Libra Full Moon Meaning
The energy of the Libra full moon can help us find our center, take charge of what we can control, and make peace with what we can’t. Going back to the example of unexpected bad weather, it is within our power to decide to dress for the weather or shift gears completely to do something else. Remember balance is often a moving target, shifting with the energy that surrounds us. When we learn to shift with that energy, balance is within reach.

Feel like you need help finding balance in the midst of chaos? Try this quick guided meditation to harness the energy of the full moon in Libra to claim your power to shift by tuning in to what can best bring you balance in the moment.

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