Full Moon in Libra - April 2019 Balance with the Elements Meditation

Published Date 4/19/2019
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The Libra Full Moon's energy helps you find your personal balance with the elements. Use today's balancing meditation to harness that energy during the 2019 full moon in Libra.

The April full moon is sometimes known as the Pink moon, because of all the lovely pink flowers on the phlox plant that are blooming right now. It is also sometimes called the Sprouting Grass Moon. 

April gifts us with another Libra full moon, and another opportunity to consider the idea of balance. With everything blooming and growing all around us, its also a good time to consider our sense of balance with nature. It’s hard with our busy lives to take a moment to slow down and appreciate how we are part of an interconnected web of life and energy that allows us to thrive.

Libra Full Moon Meaning
One of the simplest ways to consider our balance within the natural world is to consider our relationship to the elements that make up our world – air, fire, earth, and water. Besides being natural forces, they represent traits and energy that surround us. We can take stock of which one is presenting the most strongly at the moment, and which one’s energy we need to add more of to our lives to feel more balanced. 

Feel like getting in tune with the elements to find your balance? Try this quick guided meditation to harness the energy of the full moon in Libra to connect with the elemental forces that surround us and refine your feeling of balance.

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