Full Moon in Leo - January 2019 Confidence Meditation

Published Date 1/21/2019
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The Leo Full Moon’s energy helps you build and maintain confidence.  Use today’s guided meditation for confidence to harness that energy and you can accomplish anything!

January’s full moon rises in Leo in 2019. Leo’s fiery energy is definitely welcome during this chilly month. We just finished up the marathon that is the holiday season and could use a little of Leo’s warmth to re-light our personal pilot light, now that the parties are over and all the decorations have been put away. So, let’s see how the Leo full moon can work with the intention of being more self-loving.

Leo Full Moon Meaning

Take a look at Leo’s symbol, a lion. It’s a creature synonymous with royalty and confidence. How might your perception of self-love change if you adopted a feeling of royalty? If channeling your inner Megan or Harry seems a little daunting, consider working with the idea of confidence. Confidence and self-love have a symbiotic relationship. When you love yourself, you embrace your strengths and feel more secure in letting them shine. When you are confident, you recognize that you are worthy of nurturing and don’t hesitate to give yourself the gift of self-love.

Feel like your confidence could use a boost?
Try this quick guided meditation that was created for the full Leo moon in 2019 that will help you harness the energy of Leo and the full moon to bring a bit of Leo’s sunshine to your life.

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