Full Moon in Capricorn - July 2019 Strengthening Your Root Chakra Meditation

Published Date 7/16/2019
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The Capricorn Full Moon's energy is perfect for strengthening any foundations. Use today's meditation to strengthen your root chakra during the 2019 full moon in Capricorn.

July’s full moon is sometimes called the Buck Moon. Young male deer are developing their antlers and romping under the moonlight. The many thunderstorms that occur in parts of North American this time of year is why July’s full moon is sometimes called the Thunder Moon too.

Capricorn Full Moon Meaning

The full moon rises under steady Capricorn in July. Capricorn’s strength lies in its dedication to build a strong foundation. Without a solid base to build on, structure falls apart. This applies to the flow of energy in our bodies too. Capricorn is associated with our root chakra. Without a healthy root chakra, energy can’t flow freely to the others. 

The Importance of a Strong Root Chakra
The root chakra governs many of our primal needs, including passion. People might dismiss those needs as shallow. But we were created to enjoy and take pleasure in the body we’ve been given. And if we do not meet the needs of our root chakra in a balanced way, we limit our ability to access the other chakras’ energy as well.

Ready to activate your root chakra?  Try this quick guided meditation to harness the energy of the Capricorn full moon, to stabilize and build on the energy available in your root chakra.

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