Full Moon in Aries - October 2019 Meditation to Confront Grief

Published Date 10/13/2019
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

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The Aries Full Moon's energy can help when trying to confront something difficult. Use today's meditation to harness that energy to help with the grieving process.

October’s full moon is sometimes called the Hunter’s Moon. At this point in the year, the foliage has decreased, making it easier to hunt so that hopefully there will be plenty of meat eaten and preserved ahead of the winter to come. 

Aries Full Moon Meaning
This October the full moon rises in emboldening Aries. While Aries isn’t known for being the softest of signs, its energy can be a helpful companion whenever there is something difficult we must confront. This can include any anger we have stored up because of a loss. Remember, oftentimes anger is a mask sadness can wear. Allowing ourselves to recognize and honor that will help us carry the weight of grief better.

This is not work that should be lightly entered into, but if you would like to confront your grief, use this meditation to work with the energy of the Aries full moon and explore the complexity of your feelings.  


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