Full Moon in Aquarius - August 2019 Meditation to Help You Define Love, Your Way

Published Date 8/15/2019
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The Aquarius Full Moon's energy is free-spirited and unafraid to defy convention. Use today's meditation to harness that energy to define love your way during the 2019 full moon in Aquarius.

The Great Lakes region of the United States refers to the August full moon as the Full Sturgeon Moon because of how easy sturgeon is to catch at this time of year. Other names for this moon are the Green Corn Moon or the Grain Moon.

Aquarius Full Moon Meaning
Independent Aquarius hosts this August’s full moon. The term “gentle rebel” might feel like a bit of an oxymoron yet it suits Aquarius’s energy perfectly. This sociable sign loves connecting with people, while refusing to be pinned down by others’ assumptions about how the world should work. Its broad-minded energy is fine with relationships and love affairs that they don’t make greeting cards for.

Love, Your Way
A rose bush doesn't have the same needs as a cactus, so why would we expect all people to need the same things? What deeply nurtures one person can stifle another. It isn't always easy to decide when something is helpful or harmful, but it can be helpful to get a truly objective view that can leave aside preconceived notions. Aquarius energy can help you find that view.  

Perhaps you are contemplating a relationship that seems out of the ordinary. Work with the energy of this Aquarius full moon so you can own your right to define love your way.


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