Friday the 13th - Good Luck/Bad Luck

Date 12/18/2020
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You might consider marking Friday the 13th for lucky reasons once you learn more about the day.

You might consider marking Friday the 13th for lucky reasons once you learn more about the day.

Friday the 13th has a terrible reputation for bringing misfortune and destruction, but both the number and the day of the week have numerous associations that are both positive and negative. How you approach Friday the 13th is all in how you choose to view it. Consider the following lore associated with this day.

Unlucky Number 13

The number 13 is often considered inauspicious because it comes after 12, which is a complete number. There are 12 months in the year and 12 signs of the zodiac, making this a very pleasing number. Adding an extra number to the equation seems unlucky. 

Christians may view 13 as unlucky because there were 13 people at the last supper including the treacherous Judas. Norse mythology had a fated dinner with 13 guests as well. The 13th attendee in this dinner of the gods was Loki, who had arranged for the god of darkness to shoot Baldr the Beautiful, thus plunging the earth into darkness.

Unlucky Fridays

Fridays have been unlucky through the ages on many occasions. It's believed that Adam ate the apple on a Friday, the great flood began on Friday, and Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Friday was also historically the hangman's day when local hangings would take place. These associations have all given this day of the week an unfortunate reputation.

Lucky Number 13

In many cultures and religions, 13 is alternately considered a very lucky number. Thirteen is widely associated with the divine feminine. There are usually 13 menstrual cycles each year for a woman. The year also contains 13 lunar cycles. In a numerology reading, 13 is the most favorable number, representing the manifestation of your desires. Ancient Egyptians believed that life had 13 stages, pre-Columbian Mexicans consider 13 the number of regeneration, and many Wiccan covens have 13 participants.

Lucky Fridays

Friday is associated with the goddess Venus, Freya, or Frig in various cultures. This day belongs to the mother goddess and is associated with love and creation. Not to mention the fact that Friday kicks off our modern weekend of rest and relaxation. With the right approach, you can certainly view this as a fortuitous day with plenty to look forward to.

How to Handle Friday the 13

There are many influences that come into play on any given Friday the 13. Speaking with an astrologer can give you a more well-rounded view of what you may expect, taking into account the phase of the moon and placement of the planets. There's no reason to believe that any Friday the 13th is doomed, and in fact, you may find many signs that this will be an auspicious day for you.

Don't let Friday the 13th scare you into staying in bed or avoiding fun activities. There are several compelling reasons to look forward to this day.


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