Friday the 13th: 5 Tips to Change Your Luck on This Unlucky Day

Published Date 9/13/2019
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Are you doing all you can to survive this notoriously unlucky day?

Are you doing all you can to survive this notoriously unlucky day?

Friday the 13th is a notorious date noted for bringing bad luck. With the next unlucky day here this September, you may be wondering how to boost your luck and avoid any pitfalls that Friday the 13th might have in store. Aside from speaking with an online psychic, here are a few things you can do to redirect luck in your favor. 

1. Believe That You're Lucky

Dwelling on all the things that could go wrong only attracts negativity into your life. Instead, tell yourself that you're already lucky. Whenever you have a run of good luck, pause for a moment and acknowledge it. Recite daily affirmations that reinforce the idea that you're lucky and attract abundance. When you believe in your own luck, you're more receptive to opportunities and will quickly realize that you're luckier than you think.

2. Listen to Your Intuition

Lucky people tend to go with their gut. If you're the type of person who tends to overthink, overanalyze, and stress out, take a step back and learn to hone your intuition.

There are many ways luck and intuition go together. Lucky people create, notice, and act upon opportunities more than those who aren't in touch with their intuition. They think about their futures and act upon gut feelings, tapping into their personal inspiration and ambitions.

3. Improve the Energy Flow Around You

Stagnant energy creates blocks, so if you've experienced bad luck in a specific area in your life, consider how concepts like feng shui or smudging can help clear away this energy. Simply clearing the clutter in your home or office can help chi energy flow more freely, bringing better luck along with it.

4. Wear Red

Red has long been a highly auspicious color in feng shui. In Chinese culture, red symbolizes abundance, blessings, and luck, so consider wearing a red garment on Friday the 13th. You can also decorate with the color red to maximize blessings and abundance in other areas of your life. Painting your front door red, for example, invites luck and abundance inside, which is beneficial for your whole family.

5. Improve Your Karma

Bad intent and bad deeds can only contribute to bad luck. The theory of karma is all about the cycle of cause and effect and how one's actions reflect on themselves. You can also liken karma to the law of reciprocity or the golden rule, all of which emphasize that you should treat others the way you wish to be treated. When bad luck creeps in, consider volunteering, helping a friend, giving a thoughtful gift, or simply saying something nice to a stranger.

Remember, no one is lucky all the time, but the luckiest among us handle their adversity in more positive ways. Chat with an online clairvoyant for more personalized tips on how you can attract more luck into your life and survive Friday the 13th.  If you found this information too late to help you this time, there is another Friday the 13th coming up in December 2019 and two more during the year 2020.  Stay lucky!


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