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Published Date 5/23/2018
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What are Oracle cards?

Oracle cards generally refer to various wisdom decks, all of which offer spiritual guidance, divination or insight into the energies of a given moment. By reflecting upon the imagery, words, and most importantly, your first intuitive response to a card, you can discern messages which may be surprisingly relevant to your situation.

What are Angel cards?

One of the most popular oracle card decks are Angel cards, which draw on the meanings and messages from angels and archangels. The otherworldly beings who inhabit angelic realms vibrate on the highest frequencies of love, making angel card readings especially popular for those seeking comfort and healing. Other oracle card decks are inspired by ancient goddesses, nature, animals, dreams and even mythical creatures.

How are angel oracle readings different than tarot readings?

Like Tarot cards, angel and oracle cards can provide insightful clues about relationships, career and finances, offering a feeling of hope and suggesting options of various outcomes. However the way they do this is vastly different. Tarot readings are highly structured, and the meanings of the cards and their position in a reading is more precise. An accomplished tarot card reader combines study of the cards with their intuition and psychic gifts to deliver a reading which may contain very detailed information and timelines. In contrast, an oracle card reading is more free-form. There are no rules about the positioning of the cards or the symbols they contain, and often the message from the oracles is written on the cards themselves. Generally speaking, oracle cards are easier to understand, and their messages are more straightforward and uplifting. The magic of the process is how well the messages resonate with exactly the information needed at the time.

What’s the best way to read angel cards and oracle cards for yourself?

One of the best tools for giving yourself an intuitive reading is to use an oracle card deck, such as this free online angel and oracle card reading. Here’s a list of simple steps for beginners.

  • Before you get started, ask your intuition whether your soul is seeking inspiration from the Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine, or let fate lead you to the angels or goddesses.
  • Start the reading with a mind open to the energies of the moment, and use your intuition to pick a card from the deck. Your first intuitive impression upon reading the message of the card is likely to be the most meaningful, with insight that might surprise you.
  • If the message of the card doesn’t immediately resonate, try sitting with it for a while, reflecting on the imagery and meaning.
  • You can always pick another card if the first doesn’t resonate, or you desire additional guidance.

Remember that you can consult with one of our professional angel card readers or intuitive Advisors to ask their interpretation of the card you chose, or request a longer reading to explore the deeper energies at play.

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