Finding Your True Purpose by Psychic Simone

Date 8/26/2021
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If you like to shake your booty, just do what you enjoy!

If you like to shake your booty, just do what you enjoy!

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Finding your true purpose is not a hard thing to do. Sometimes we have been so caught up in taking care of others and doing only what is expected of us that we easily lose sight of our true purpose. Yet, our true purpose remains within us. 

The first step to finding your true purpose is discovering what you truly love doing. Self-examination can show what you like to do, love to do and cannot do without. For instance, someone who enjoys writing poetry may write for personal expression and stop there. Another person may live and breathe poetry. This person publishes as a professional poet, teaches poetry at the local college or university and performs poetry readings around town. 

Do What You Enjoy Doing!
Someone who enjoys dance may shake their booty occasionally at a club or choose to dance professionally and become part of a dance troupe. Still another person is a great organizer. This person is almost obsessed with organizing rooms, households, offices, companies, and even creates organizing products for sale. This person would be happy as an organizational consultant. 

One such person is the highly successful housewife who created products for cleaning and organizing her home, Joy Mangano (subject of the award-winning movie Joy, based on her life.) Joy created a mop that made cleaning the kitchen floor easier. Since the Miracle Mop, Joy has expanded her products to steamers, clothing hangars, incense, closet organizers and carry-alls. Joy’s Ingenious Designs, LLC is now a multimillion dollar business. 

3 Questions
You too could reach such heights by finding your true purpose and monetizing it. In order to find out what your true purpose is for a business or career, ask yourself the following:

1. What do I like to do?

2. What can I do easily with the least amount of effort?

3. If I had all the money in the world, then I would _______________________ (fill in the blank).

Answering these three questions is the first step towards finding your true purpose. Or, you could simply do what you love and turn it into a business or occupation. Life will truly be enjoyed once you find your true purpose.

Goddess Blessings,
Simone x9534

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