Find a Lost Item - Turn Over a Glass by Psychic Cory

Published Date 8/4/2017
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Lost an item? Use any glass, cup, or jar to turn over!

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Suppose you’ve lost something. It could be any item in your home or in any enclosed perimeter. It only matters that it’s missing. This story is about a mystical trick you can use to find just such a lost item. And it happens to be a sentimental one for me, because my mother Anne taught me this method long ago.
Mother Knows Best
The last time I knew of my beloved mother using this mysterious magick was in a store. She was a customer looking to purchase an article of jewelry. I’m not quite sure if she bought anything that day, though I know with complete certainty that she ended up bestowing a blessing upon a woman in that store in what would be the last five months of her life. 

On this auspicious day, the owner of this jewelry establishment appeared upset. My mom, being the kind soul she was, immediately offered help. "Is there something wrong?" she asked. The woman responded that she’d lost a large sum of money. Anne was quick to respond: "Do you have a glass?" While the owner appeared very confused by this request, she was desperate to try anything that might guide her to her apparent loss. At this point, my mother told the skeptical woman to go over to a small table, move the table slightly by one of its four corners, turn the glass over and place it on the corner she moved, all the while envisioning her lost money.

The woman, though incredulous, followed the instructions perfectly. She found her glass, brought it over to the corner of a table, moved it slightly, and then turned the upright glass over onto the moved corner, while visualizing her lost item. The very last instruction my mother offered was to immediately stop looking for the lost money and to simply get on with her day in complete faith that the method would be successful. 

My mother admitted to me that she realized that the proprietor of the store thought she was completely nuts but she didn’t care much about that. She flashed me one of her fabulous smiles that often made me feel she knew way more than she ever let on about the metaphysical world. She went on to say that the woman excused herself for a moment, stating she had to go upstairs. Moments later she walked back down with a huge grin on her face and the lost check (aka money) in hand. She appeared utterly amazed and overwhelmingly grateful by what had occurred. 

Trust Me, It Really Works
I’ve used this method on many occasions, most impressively finding my contact lens in a carpet. I recall losing it and then hopelessly looking before I went to get a glass to turn over. I’ve always marveled at this particular find, and ever since I first tried it, it’s worked. By the way, you can use any type of cup; it doesn’t need to be glass. 

Recently, I thought I had lost something, and just as I recalled the method to myself and how I was going to get the glass—a step I never even got to—presto, there it was! 

If you’ve lost an object, you might just love this enigmatic way of finding it without actually looking for it. Why not allow the item to find you? I hope you find this method as useful as I often do.  
As always, it’s my pleasure and honor to help you.  

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Marianne: Fascinating story, thank you; I will try this. I have found objects through use of tarot cards. Example, I lost an important document. As I shuffled, the card that flipped out was King of cups reversed. That told me the document had slid down the side of my king-sized bed (reversed King) --which is where I found it.

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