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Published Date 8/2/2013
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Nature obviously has something we need to be our best mentally.

Our world seems to be plagued with depression, illnesses, stress, and fatigue. Perhaps the solutions to all our problems is just outside our front doors! Study after study reveals the healing, rejuvenating power of being outside, surrounded by trees and wind and birds and wildlife. Here's how nature can heal your body and soul.

Going Outdoors is Good Exercise
Whether it's a stroll around the block or a week-long hiking trip, getting into nature is excellent exercise. New research comes out almost weekly about the benefits of exercise.

As it turns out, as little as 15-30 minutes per week lowers our risk of developing dementia, boosts our immune system, raises our metabolic rate (think burning more calories faster), builds our bones, and is the only way to get circulation to cartilage in our joints.

Going Outdoors Sharpens Our Mental Capabilities
If you want greater mental clarity and a sharp mind, research suggests getting out into nature is your number one tool.

It's still unclear exactly why nature is more effective than a stint in the gym or in front of the TV on a treadmill, but some theories are the fresh air, the natural lighting, and creating a sense of oneness between you and the universe.

Whatever the reason, nature obviously has something we need to be our best mentally.

Going Outdoors Enhances Our Creativity
Do you feel stagnant when it comes to creative problem solving? Would you like to boost your creativity to draw, paint, write, or play music? Then nature is your best buddy.

Studies show that getting outdoors and seeing the colors, hearing the sounds, and feeling the breezes actually boosts our creativity.

Going Outdoors Helps Us Heal Faster
Accident victims can spend months or years in therapy, but research indicates those who get outside during their rehab heal more quickly, and potentially heal more thoroughly, than those who stay indoors.

If this is true of serious injuries, such as a broken leg, it might also be helpful for sprained ankles and other less serious injuries.

Going Outdoors Can Lessen Depression
An estimated 35 million people suffer from depression in the U.S., and as few as 10 percent get the help they need. However, research indicates that communing with nature might alleviate some, if not all, of the feelings and symptoms of depression. It's a much more pleasant, and far less expensive, treatment than prescription drugs.

Going Outdoors Can Help Us Through Grief
Loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult things for people to get over. But research is showing how spending time amidst nature can help speed this process, and can even make the process less grievous to go through.

Some people even report they feel closer to the one they've lost after spending some time outdoors. The birds and the bees might actually be the best grief counselors around.

Many of the best psychics and therapists recommend spending time in nature for their clients who struggle with emotional distress.

If you live in a large city where time with nature is hard to come by, schedule some time during the week to get beyond the city and enjoy a nearby farm, nature trail, or a park in the suburbs. Your soul will thank you for it.


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