Fate, Free Will and the Future

Published Date 8/2/2016
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Fate, Free Will and Destiny - What Drives Your Future?

It's an age old question - how much of our futures are predetermined, and how much is subject to free will? Advisors from Psychic Source share their thoughts about free will and destiny, and how we can embrace our karma, soul lessons, the choices we are presented with, and the ways our choices can influence the outcome. In this video, we explore the nuances of fate, and how a gifted psychic is able to discern the broader patterns and help you exercise your power of free will to make choices that can positively influence the outcome.

What about karma?
Life doesn't hand us a completely blank slate. Ultimately, there are life lessons, karmic debts and future challenges handed to us, before we are even born. These outcomes exist as energetic patterns that will most likely, without any intervention on our part, come to pass. But part of being human is to have what theorists call "agency" -  the ability to act, or what's known as "free will." That means that the choices we make can influence the outcome, and/or the way in which we get to the outcome. Put another way, we may or may not be able to completely change the destination, but we can most definitely influence the journey, and in doing so potentially shift the outcome.

Psychics perceive patterns of energy and outcome.

A psychic reading provides you with the rare opportunity for a bird's eye view of your soul's journey. By reading your patterns of energy and consulting with their personal method of inner knowing, psychics can help you identify outcomes attributable to fate or influenced by free will. A psychic can be your personal life coach and Advisor in identifying opportunities to shift outcomes by shifting behavior. You don't have to feel powerless to change your fate - an Advisor will help you identify and act on your free will.

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