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Published Date 4/22/2017
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The four natural elements (earth, air, fire, and water) each correspond to an elemental.

Broadly speaking, spirits are beings that exist beyond the range of normal human perception. Elementals represent one category or subset of spirits and exist solely to protect and nurture the natural world. Each elemental aligns with a specific natural element: earth, air fire, water, and sometimes ether (which you might call "spirit" or "Source").

Taking Mythical Form

You might have learned about elementals without knowing the actual word. Many traditions label elementals as individual and unique creatures, from mermaids and gnomes to leprechauns and fairies. Most people can't see these creatures, but many can feel their presence when exploring a rural or unspoiled corner of the world.

Because they exist to sustain the earth, they congregate away from highly populated areas. You'll find elementals in forests, open deserts, undeveloped plains, and bodies of water. They're often tied to a particular aspect of nature, such as trees, flowers, rocks, flowing water, or marshes.

Sustaining the Earth

Elementals use their energy to sustain life. They might encourage the pollination of new plants, protect individual trees from disease and corruption, or oversee the evolution of nature among wild animals. Some believe that they derive power from thought forms or that they take orders from the angels.

Wreaking Destruction

While tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, and other natural disasters seem evil in the moment, they're actually essential to the earth's survival. For instance, a wild fire might destroy homes and even people, but it also cleanses the earth and paves the way for future growth. Elementals are responsible for natural disasters when they believe they're necessary for purification or renewal.

Pairing With Elements

These beings are called elementals because they correspond to the natural elements. Gnomes, for instance, are associated with the earth element, while salamanders rule the fire element. The ancient sylphs are responsible for air, and undines (including mermaids) exist to protect and sustain water.

Communicating With Elementals

It's often impossible to directly communicate with elementals, especially if you've never seen one. If you feel compelled to make contact, consider consulting clairaudients or other psychics who might have the gifts necessary to do so. Some elementals prove willing to communicate with humans, while others prefer to remain separate from humankind.

You can also meditate. While focusing on the elemental to which you feel closest, you might gain insight or knowledge that can help you in your spiritual growth. Understanding how elementals work and why they exist will enable you to form a deeper connection with nature.

Learning From Elementals

An elemental is not as conflicted or as moral as a human being. These creatures exist solely to protect and preserve nature, so they aren't concerned with the pettiness of day-to-day human life. While you don't want to lose your humanity, you can learn from nature's raw power as well as its ability to sustain and destroy.

Elementals are just one form of spirit. You can connect with deceased human spirits through a psychic medium, consult your spirit guides, or participate in an angel card reading. The more you know about the spirit world, the easier it becomes to interact with it.


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