Explaining Your Spirituality to Others

Date 4/14/2019

Sharing your spiritual beliefs with others can help them become more enlightened

Sharing your spiritual beliefs with others can help them become more enlightened

As beings, we are all connected by a spiritual web. When you have embarked on a journey of spiritual awakening, you may become more aware of the fibers that connect us together, but many others are not yet aware of these connections. According to French paleontologist and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, but explaining this concept to others can pose a challenge.

Honor Your Spiritual Pride

The journey toward spirituality is one you should be proud of, so honor the pride you feel in your spirit and connection to the spirits of others. However, it's important when you honor this pride to avoid sounding superior to others. Avoid confrontation by not challenging what others believe. Instead, focus on accepting other points of view while sharing your own. When you treat others and their beliefs with respect, they are more likely to do the same.

Sharing the Benefits

When you hear someone talk about a belief or a practice that they hold dear in their lives, you may wonder what benefit it would have for you. Similarly, it's important to share the benefits of your spirituality when discussing it with others. For example, you could share how your spiritual journey has helped you overcome feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or depression. You might want to talk about spirituality and its connection to your health and relationships.

Connecting with your spiritual side may have also helped you find inner joy and peace, which is something many people strive to achieve. Keep it simple, and share the benefits that you have found as you have engaged in more regular spiritual practices.

Be an Example

Instead of spouting off information about your spiritual journey to anyone who will listen, you may want to focus on being an example. The easiest way to interest another in what brings you joy is showing the positive characteristics through the life you lead. Be an example of love and light to everyone you meet. As your spiritual qualities come through the activities of your daily life, those around you will want to know more about how you have come to find inner peace, as well as how they can find it, too.

Trust Your Intuition

For many people, a spiritual journey often involves becoming more aware of feelings and intuitions. Rely on these intuitions as you determine whether you want to share information with those around you. You may also choose to discuss topics and points of conversation with a psychic medium who can help you move forward on your path.

As you discuss your spirituality and beliefs with others, you can help open their eyes to their spiritual natures, as well as ignite the spark that could fuel them toward their own spiritual awakening. With the help of an online clairvoyant, you can get a better idea of how to talk about spirituality with those around you and provide insights into your beliefs.


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