Energy Healing Through Controlled Crying by Psychic Mackenzie

Date 11/19/2020
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Sometimes all it takes is a good cry.

Sometimes all it takes is a good cry.

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Energy healing is a huge subject with many different facets to it. In addition, there are a variety of tools and methodologies taught for centuries and countless ways and concepts for healing.  But for me, it's crying. Yes… crying. 

Crying is a cleansing tool. It’s a gift that is often misunderstood, sometimes taught as an energy healing tip yet often underutilized to its full potential.  Once you practice controlled crying, future need to cry decreases. Here is how I learned the importance of what I now call “controlled crying” for energy healing and some of the unexpected ways it may help improve your own life too!

Control Yourself
Each morning after we cleanse our bodies, our homes and our workspaces, are we thinking of cleansing our energy and our minds? Energy healing requires a high level of mind control, so controlling ourselves in crying works to help us control ourselves in many things. Here's how it works. Once we learn how to control our crying, controlling other mind functions becomes easier. 

Crying is a natural gift we've been given, not only to cleanse our eyes of foreign dust and other matter but as a natural healing gift. Crying allows us to cleanse from pain and make better decisions based on a balanced healthy outlook, vs. decisions made during the crisis. Crying helps our energy heal, no doubt about it.

Cleanse Your Mind
Controlled crying is an important practice that will help us control future needs to control ourselves. If we practice crying at certain times and let out the pressure of whatever disturbs us, then we've cleansed our mind for the moment. In most cases, after we've had a good cry we see things differently and begin to laugh and smile again. We've cleansed, so we can now see the good or more moderate way to think of the situations that are making you feel crazy.

I love to cry but of course, there's a time and place for everything. But behold, not many people have actually seen me cry and there's a reason for that. I'm a strong person, I carry myself throughout the day strong because I'm cleansed I have no need to cry because of anything sad because I purge it in my mornings. So, if you think about it, we don't have to cry in sadness if we have already cried. 

Purging any negative energy in the morning is a divine tool that will help you get on and stay on the right path.

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Peanutjam78: This is very useful information!! I will try this cleanse

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