Embracing Change in our Life.

Published Date 7/8/2012
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Change is something we can always count on to happen.

Change is something we can always count on to happen.  Whether the changes in our life are blessings or challenges, one thing is true; change is inevitable and constant.  Most of us fear change because it challenges one of humans’ core issues, “Control!”  We fear the unknown, which is embedded in change and we fear losing or being out of control.  This fear sits in our Root Chakra and disarms our very sense of stability and security.  Yoga philosophy teaches that anything that can be changed isn’t real, for the Universal power that some of us refer to as God or Spirit is in fact a changeless reality.  That which is constant, is real.

The beauty of change is that it offers the most amazing opportunity for us to cultivate acceptance.  Acceptance of all that is good or bad, desired or undesired, expected or unexpected, is the key to finding our spiritual freedom, a freedom which manifests through all of our lives, past, present and future.  Acceptance is the path of least resistance, the road less traveled.  When we allow ourselves to release the resistance to what is, we are giving ourselves the gift of true inner peace and a sense of wellbeing, and that IS real.

Not only that but we see how we can use the power of our minds to keep us there when times are tough.  A sense of trust can develop through the practice of acceptance and faith can be activated.  Those are constant.  Those are real.  That changeless reality dwells within each one of us and connects us to the changeless reality of the Cosmos.

Recently I went for a beautiful hike with a friend.  About 30 minutes in, we came upon a snake stretched across the entire width of the trial.  I am terrified of snakes!  My friend knows this and fortunately saw it first and stopped us.  During my morning meditation I felt the snake energy around me so I wasn’t as surprised or scared, as I normally would be.  My friend tossed a rock towards it and it nicely moved into the brush and off the trail, allowing us to continue on our way.

According to Native American medicine, snake energy represents transmutation, or change.  It represents the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance.  The challenge is to embrace our change with a balance and change means growth for all of us.

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