Eliminate Negative Energy From Your Home by Psychic Roxanna

Published Date 3/16/2014
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Reveal a positive, fresh environment.

Home sweet home. Your sanctuary away from the busy hustle and bustle of the stressful, working world. Did you know, just like you, your home can get "stressed out”? The energy in your home can become stagnant and negative.

Before you can start reenergizing your home with positive energy you need to remove the stressful negative energy. It's not hard. And yes, I too, practice what I’m preaching regularly!

The Cleansing
This is the most important step. The easiest way I've found is by using saltwater and open windows.
Open the windows, even just an inch if it's cold outside. Mix the sea salt with water (a little salt goes a long way!). The water can be tap or filtered—it doesn’t matter. The salt is the key component. Use your fingers to sprinkle the saltwater around the perimeter of each room. Lighting white candles accelerates this process but it’s not necessary. The open windows allow the negative energy to be released. Allow the saltwater to dry. Easy, right?

Now that you’ve removed all the negative energy it's time to work on the positive transformation of your home.

Color Your Space
No need to paint the walls. Splashes of these colors around a designated room will accentuate that color's energy vibration. Pick the color for each room as per the energy you want in that particular room.

     Red: consistency and concentration
     Orange: confidence and increased energy
     Yellow: lifts your spirit
     Green: creativity
     Blue: peaceful and soothing
     Purple: inspiration and intuition

Of course, the more vibrant the color the more powerful the vibration. I like to mix primary and pastel colors in different parts of the room. Or mix two colors for a double dose; play with it!

Part II will continue the "how to's" for amping up the positive energy in your home sweet home.
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