Easy Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Published Date 7/24/2012
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In Feng Shui, the bedroom is very significant and has two major functions: sleeping and romance.

In Feng Shui, the bedroom is very significant and has two major functions: sleeping and romance. Here are some easy Feng Shui bedroom tips top help create a soothing and supportive space for yourself.

Bedroom Layout: First, make sure that the head of your bed is supported by a solid wall, which will act as “a mountain” in Feng Shui terms, providing protection and a sense of safety, while allowing you to sleep more peacefully. Second, position the bed in a “power position,” so that when you’re lying in bed, anyone entering will be seen by you as soon as they enter. This also doesn’t have to be directly in front of you, but if your head is at the 6 on the face of a clock, the door should be somewhere between 9 and 3. If it’s not possible, due to closets, doors, windows or other fixtures, to position your bed with a view of the door, create a power position with mirrors. Place a mirror or other reflective object so you can see the door’s reflection in from your bed. You just need to be able to see movement, not details.

Bedroom Colors: Color is very important in Feng Shui. The colors you use or don’t use, can affect your sleep, as well as, romance. Consider tones that are soft and soothing. Colors that invite you to snuggle, relax and unwind. If you’re looking for more passion, think about adding some red to your bedroom, since red represents Fire and passion. Too much red can make sleeping and relaxing difficult for some so add it gradually. Colors you may want to avoid are white, which can be too “cool” and create a cooling effect on passion. Other colors to be aware of, depending upon the shade, are gray, blue, and green. These too can have a cooling effect. When in doubt, stick with warm, comforting colors.

Bedroom Furniture: If the furniture, and other objects in your bedroom, do not support sleep and romance, it’s best to remove it or put it behind a decorative screen or curtain. This includes workout equipment, a desk, a large television or other objects. Why?  Well, there’s nothing romantic or relaxing when it comes to treadmills, desks covered in paperwork, and electronic equipment with lots of hanging wires.

Bedroom Mirrors: Mirrors on the wall can actually activate the energy in the room, making sleep more challenging.  In Feng Shui Bedroom mirrors are not advised. Either remove, or cover them at night. Cover them with a blanket, towel, or a lovely piece of fabric. Even a sheer cloth covering is better than nothing at all. Now, if you have mirrored closet doors, consider hanging a curtain rod above them. You can open the curtains during the day to make access to the closet and mirrors. While we mentioned using mirrors to help create a “power position” for the bed, the rules here apply to them as well.

Following these Feng Shui Bedroom Tips can help create a space that’s not only supportive, but a space of restful sleep and romantic interludes.

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