Earth as Mother by Psychic Minerva

Date 9/1/2020
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No creation is superior or more advanced than the other in the eyes of mother earth.

No creation is superior or more advanced than the other in the eyes of mother earth.

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Earth, our mother, is the common thread for all living creations, from animal to plant kingdoms. We are all united through our mother earth.  Regardless of our spiritual associations, cultures or status, we all rely on the generosity of the mother.  From her wound comes the seeds that provide the nutrients that feed every living creation. No creation is superior or more advanced than the other in the eyes of mother earth.  To Earth, we are all equally vital creations.

Who is in Control?
Many humans deem themselves superior above all other creations.  We often forget how insignificant we are as creatures, since we have the ability to predict weather cycles, create artificial forms of nutrients and even influence how a few drops of rain. Many of us have gotten the idea that perhaps we are gods and are able to place the other creations at our mercy. To some degree our knowledge has allowed us to gain some control and manufacture disasters in ways that few creatures alive can ever conjure. Indeed, we possess tools that only we can understand and utilize both for good and evil. But we are not in control.

Though many humans believe that they are superior species. We have polluted all the elements from air to water to soil. And have over consumed to the point of gross excess. We are clueless because we believe as gods, we can create anything anytime. 

Listen to Your Mother
However, through the cycles we are reminded that we can easily be wiped away in an ocean tidal wave, chilled in a winter blizzard and left grasping for air in a volcanic eruption, to name a few natural occurrences. Perhaps, in understanding the fierce changes of climate and how it can diminish or replenish the generous gifts, we are reminded that mother is in control.

We need to remember that without the Earth, our inventions and superior ideology are pointless.  Mother teaches us that life is a cycle, as demonstrated through all of the seasons.  We can witness how life changes as we greet the different seasons from the awakening of new life in the spring. Then the arrival of summer with its bounty of green, which then transforms into the harvest we enjoy in the autumn. Soon after the autumn fades, nature goes into winter hibernation as it quietly nurtures all the seeds in its belly of soil, preparing them for the rebirth process of the spring.   

Remember, when you see a flower blooming, the birds flying or the rain falling, we, as people are nothing more than another wonderful miracle and not superior to anything on Earth.

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