Dreams of Being Chased: What Do They Mean? by Psychic Arthur

Published Date 4/6/2013
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What do dreams of being chased say about your waking life?

Being chased is one of the most common experiences when it comes to terrifying dreams and nightmares.

A monster, animal, unknown person or shadowy figure is not only after you, but may even be trying to hurt or kill you. You run, you hide and then run some more attempting to stay one step ahead of who or whatever is after you.

This kind of dream indicates you’re feeling threatened by someone or something in your waking world. It may also suggest that you’re trying to evade a situation that seems impossible to overcome.

Interestingly enough, your actions in a chase dream equal how you respond to pressure, as well as cope with fear, stress or numerous situations in your day-to-day life. Instead of facing situations head on, the dream implies you have a propensity to run away to avoid a situation or issue.

At the same time, who or whatever is pursuing you can also represent a facet of yourself. Feelings of anger, fear, and even love, often manifest as threatening figures in a chasing dream. To gain insight and a better understanding of the source of your fears and anxieties, try deciphering who (or what) in your daily life resembles the figure chasing you.

On the other hand, to dream that you are chasing someone signifies you’re attempting to overcome a difficult goal or task. It can also represent that you’re expressing some aggressive feelings toward others or your drive and ambition to go after something you want.

Of course not all chase dreams have such symbolic interpretation. Some chase dreams can actually represent a deep fear of becoming the victim of a crime, which is more common with women who feel vulnerable or afraid in their waking lives. Their fear manifests in their dream state as a chasing dream.

No matter what the factors are that are causing a chasing dream to occur, it’s possible to reduce their frequency by honestly examining the underlying issues. It doesn’t matter if the dream is a manifestation of a symbolic or literal fear. Simply confronting the things that you’re most afraid of is usually the best way to end these kind of terrifying dreams and nightmares.

Being chased in a dream? Give me a call and let’s find out what it’s all about.


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