Dreams are the Road to the Soul by Psychic Anthony

Published Date 9/16/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Discover what's lurking in the back of your mind.

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"Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious." -Sigmund Freud 

Whenever you have a vivid dream, write it down immediately before the daily thoughts intrude on those fragile dream memories and chase them out of your conscious mind. If you begin to write your dreams down when you first wake up, you can train your mind to remember them in detail. Put a book and pen by your bed and try to do this each morning. 

It may take a while to remember because your conscious mind will resist it. Don't give up because, sooner or later you’ll remember the last dramatic image in your dream that woke you up. As you write down the last dramatic scene that woke you up, the other memories will surface in reverse order. Then when you read them later you will be amazed at how much the dream memories evaporated during your busy day in the conscious daily world! 

When your mind realizes that you’re concentrating on your dream life and writing the memories down in your journal, your dreams will come alive and your memory will be complete. Your mind takes all of your thoughts and emotions—even the collective unconscious ones—from the eternity within our souls, jumbles and sorts them all, and creates the amazing mind theater of our dreams to express and examine them.

This mental symbolic shuffling of the dreaming process is amazingly similar to shuffling the symbolic tarot cards and creating a psychic portrait with them. It’s the same exact thing! If you need help unraveling the symbolic mind theater of your dreams, I’d be honored to help you understand your own personal symbology. If you would like me to create a dream for you that can see beyond time, space and even dimension, give me a call!

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