Dream Interpretation and Sleepwalking: Part 2 by Psychic Mark

Published Date 8/18/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

What triggers your dreams or nightmares?

In my search to understand my experiences in dreaming and sleepwalking, I’ve found that some things trigger an event. 

For example, eating certain things like pizza or ice cream before bed (after 9 or 10 pm) would guarantee that I would either dream or sleepwalk (or both). We all know as teenagers our appetites are off the charts, so I did a lot of sleepwalking on Friday and Saturday nights.
On the flip side, going to bed hungry would trigger one or both. In the Army you weren't allowed to eat junk food or snacks, so going to bed hungry triggered one or both. 

Another thing that I’ve found that triggers sleepwalking is being in strange new places like hotels, vacation places or other countries. After returning home from a ten-day trip to China, I dreamt every night for a month. I’d wake up thinking I was still in China! 

You can imagine how long after I returned from the Army I was having those dreams! But for me, sleepwalking was not a deferment. The draft was still in effect during the Vietnam War. I'm grateful to my guardian angels and guides that I was not sent to Vietnam, but half my unit was. I can only imagine the dream experiences of our military men and women coming home now. Please send love and light to them and their families.

While having Deja Vu, I would ask where I experienced it before and many times the answer was in my dreams. Many of us have asked: "Am I dreaming or is this real?"  The Aborigine in Australia have always believed our dreams are the reality and what we are living is the dream.
Not all dreams are messages. It's kind of like when you scan for a good radio station while you’re traveling and you wish you could find one similar to your favorite station at home. You get bits and pieces of music, talking and commercials—it means nothing to you. These are the kind of dreams you have and you say: "I dreamt, but it made absolutely no sense!" We are receivers and if our antennae are up, we will scan what is out there and dream about it. What we do with it is up to us.

With today’s technology, we’re gaining a better understanding of our  DNA and the incredible ability of our body/mind vehicle. It’s been said that we’re not humans having a spiritual experience but rather spirits having a human experience. If you or your children are experiencing dreams, it’s my understanding that it is an opportunity to experience even more. Unlimited vision is a gift.  However, if you’re experiencing sleepless nights because of it, you have the power and universal right to say when and where or yes or no. We all have guardians assigned to us. Call upon them to protect and regulate what you will or will not do.  Thank you for listening and sweet dreams! Pizza anyone?

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