Dream Interpretation and Sleepwalking: Part 1 by Psychic Mark

Published Date 8/7/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Dreams are a form of galactic communication.

We’ve all experienced dreams and they vary from person to person. Many of us have even observed our pets dreaming! Sleepwalking is dreaming while the physical body is actually moving.

I’m not only a dreamer, but also a sleepwalker, and I have been since age seven. My parents were beside themselves and thought about tying me to my bed every night. Fortunately they didn’t actually do it! In the Army, I was nicknamed 'night crawler.’ It’s always been said that no harm can come to us while dreaming or sleepwalking and this appears to be true. This doesn't mean the dreamer or sleepwalker doesn't have difficulty understanding what has happened (especially when you wind up in another part of the house, barracks, etc.!). 

When I was young, little was known about dreaming or sleepwalking. Today, there are many books and studies/courses on sleep and dreams. Thanks to video game makers and geodes, they’re discovering more and more about the brain and body. I would like to share with you my experiences and what I’ve learned. Experience is the greatest teacher, right? Hopefully you’ll get a better understanding of your or your child's dream experience.

Dreams, or I like to call them visions, are a form of galactic communication. They’re a way for your guides, guardian angels, ancestors or relatives who have changed worlds or are in different dimensions to communicate with you. A common experience is when someone loses a loved one (animals too). That loved one comes back through the individual’s dreams to say "I'm okay."

Most of us associate dreams with nocturnal sleep. Why?  Ever try to call someone and you get frustrated because it's always busy? During our sleep is the best time for those in other dimensions to contact us because our brain is not so busy. If the message is urgent for our path, those trying to contact may enter someone else's dream, usually a friend. If this happens to you, no matter how crazy, tell that person—it may be important to them.

When you ask people if they dream, many say they do not or "yes, but I don't remember them." Then you get those few that say, "Oh my God you won't believe the dream I had. It was so vivid!” But the tricky part is when they ask, “What do you think it means?" What I’ve learned is that the interpretation is for the dreamer or receiver. You can council with those whom you trust to give their perspective, but ultimately it’s for the dreamer or receiver to decide.
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