Downsizing or Getting Zen by Psychic Maxine

Published Date 12/11/2010
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

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This New Year is going to be a 4 universal cycle. The 4 vibration is about hard work and building a platform/foundation for the next phase of our lives. It is about getting grounded and feeling good about all the hard work we must do to keep life moving forward. During the 4 vibration it lends itself to cleaning house, spiritually, emotionally as well as getting rid of all the “stuff” we no longer use or need, like the clothes that we have not worn for years or the kitchen appliances that we never use because we are on a diet and no longer need the mix master to fix cakes… rid yourself of the old, make room for the new. The economy is very strange indeed and we are all working harder than we have in years. We are all downsizing, smaller cars, shopping sales, using coupons, and only spending when we really need to. It might not be great for ones ego, but the truth is what do you really need? Instead of calling it budgeting or downsizing I have been referring to our life changes as becoming Zen. Zen is a meditative state, a clear state of being. In this day and age where the economy is changing it is good for the mind to have peace. Worrying about what we don’t have, paying bills and making ends meet is something even the rich are thinking about. In my psychic thinking I have come to realize it is a clearing on a worldly level. Every country, state, town and person is feeling this shift of energy. It is time to embrace what money cannot buy. My list of things money cannot buy starts with love, friendship is next and of course good health… having a job, laughing, kindness and being able to meditate, workout, take a walk, are just a few of the priceless things that don’t cost a penny. As this year comes to an end look around you and access what you have, think Zen, think do I really need it or just want it, can I live without it? Make room in your house, make room in your heart - so many people call and tell me that the work place has become harder and harder in that there are many who are just not nice. This is caused by the stress of the economy. People are just not as happy as they used to be. Fear has crept into the minds of many, where there is fear love has a heck of a hard time getting in. Peace of mind is a personal thing and starts in your core, your Zen nature. So when clearing out get rid of the negative attitudes as well as the old clothes… think about creating value in your life, think about acting with metta (loving-kindness) With the 4 cycle coming up fast we need to think about what we need, want and how we are going to make this life work for us in the best possible way. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season full of love and happiness. Metta waves

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