Don't Let the World Card Scare You in a Tarot Reading

Published Date 1/29/2014
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Don’t Let the World Card Scare You in a Tarot Reading

Don't feel intimidated when the World comes up as one of your cards during tarot readings. As the last of the 22 cards in the Major Arcana, it may seem like the end of the journey. Think of it instead as an arrival in a new stage of life that will allow you to try a new direction.

Like the others in the Major Arcana, the World represents the deepest mysteries in life, so it takes a bit of probing to understand its meaning as it pertains to you. Psychic mediums frequently use the Tarot as their instrument to learn about you and where you're headed.

It's true that the World represents the completion of a cycle and the wholeness that results. But look at it this way - you've gained a certain amount of experience and the wisdom that comes with it. All of it will help you as you continue your journey, touching on things that will allow you to use this wisdom and other times when you're bound to learn something new.

Keep in mind that the World also includes both sides of life - ups and downs, wins and losses, joys and sorrows. By accepting this truth, you see life as a whole and that there's a purpose for all things.

Be Ready For Change

When tarot cards are received upside down, their meanings may shift considerably, counseling us of the different ways we can look at any situation. In the case of the World, the message is that you're not there yet. Your goals elude you, perhaps because they aren't clear. It may feel as though you're running in place rather than moving forward.

At times like these, the World is beckoning you to look back on all that you've been through. Consider the good and bad influences, positive experiences and stressful uncertainties that you encounter regularly in daily life. Focus on what the World is trying to tell you by thinking about why it may have come up in your reading.

If there's one thing you can count on in life, it's change. The World counsels us that change is the life force that drives us on, and that from changeable circumstances there's new growth. Grow in the time of the World, when it signals both one journey's end and the arrival of another adventure. Gather all that you've learned to make a new start.


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