Do You Use Your Animal Instincts?

Published Date 8/18/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Want to know if you’re using your instincts to their full potential? Take our short quiz!

It’s a known fact that humans have instincts they use to help in certain situations, although we often resort to emotions to drive our actions. Some people are more in-tune with their instincts and rely on them to make decisions. Animals use instincts to make all of their decisions, as many times it’s a matter of life and death.

Want to know if you’re using your instincts to their full potential? Take our short quiz to see how instinctual you really are.

You recently moved to a new neighborhood, so you:

A.Start doing research online to find out where the local grocery stores and parks are located, using maps to help you get a better sense of your surroundings.
B.Hope for the best – moving is so exhausting!

On a second date with someone you can see yourself with, you end the date:
A.With a passionate kiss and candid statement about how much you enjoy their company.
B.With a goodbye. They’ll let you know if they want to pursue things, right?

You’re feeling under the weather, but you need to make dinner for you and your family and going to the store is out of the question! So, you:
A.Get creative, pulling a few ingredients together to whip up something healthy that will leave everyone full!
B.Order out. Who can bother!?

Wild Child
If you answered mostly A’s, your animal instincts are sharp! Animals are aware of their surroundings and environment in which they live in. They prepare carefully, don’t skirt around issues, especially when choosing a mate, and use whatever resources available to get their basic needs.

Domesticated Diva
If you answered mostly B’s, you may need to get in touch with your inner instincts.  Call one of our gifted Psychics to get started tuning-in to the animal instincts within you!

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