Do You Have a Guardian Angel?

Published Date 9/13/2015
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Many people find it easier to connect with their guardian angels during meditation.

For ages, different cultures throughout the world have passed down stories and legends about guardian angels. While belief in such beings no longer remains as universal, recognizing their existence and even communicating with them can provide immeasurable comfort and guidance.

What is a Guardian Angel?

A guardian angel is considered a celestial being who watches over one person or a group of people throughout their lives. Catholics believe that God assigns guardian angels to people, while other traditions link guardian angels to loved ones who have passed on.

Developing a personal relationship with your guardian angel can help you understand him or her more. If you have difficulty making that connection yourself, consider booking an angel card reading so an expert can guide you down this path.

How Many Guardian Angels Do I Have?

Different schools of thought hold conflicting opinions on this matter, but many psychics believe that every person possesses at least two guardian angels in addition to a host of spirit guides. Distinct guardians might focus on separate areas of your life; for example, one angel might guide you in the workplace while another assists with your relationships.

Some people might have more guardian angels than others. Some traditions, for example, believe that people are assigned guardian angels based on their needs. If you face more struggles than most people, you might have access to more angels.

How Do Guardian Angels Help?

If you want to solicit your guardian angels' help with specific issues in your life, you must ask for assistance. Meditation offers a useful way to commune with guardian angels, but it might take practice before you are able to quiet your mind sufficiently to make that connection.

You can also connect with your guardian angels through a live psychic chat. You can explain to your guardian angels why you seek their guidance, then check in on a regular basis to ensure you remain on the best path.

Do Guardian Angels Have Names?

Just like people, guardian angels possess names. You might learn his or her name after you've connected several times or after you've developed your personal intuitive skills.

In many cases, guardian angels refuse to give their names to intermediaries. In other words, they don't want to tell a psychic; instead, they want to communicate that information directly to you.

Can You Pray to Guardian Angels?

When you feel lost, alone, scared, or anxious, praying to your guardian angels might help you overcome the obstacles in your life and find peace. If you decide to take this route, choose a comfortable, secure location in which you feel safe.

You might not see your guardian angel or hear his or her voice. Instead, many report the ability to sense a comforting presence in the room. You can hold a conversation with your guardian angel just as you would with any higher power.

Understanding and communing with your guardian angels can become an intense and fulfilling experience. Seek the guidance of a qualified psychic to help you make this step, then spend some time each day making contact with your angels and asking them for assistance.


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