Do You Believe in Fairies? by Psychic Krissy

Published Date 10/11/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Psychic Krissy took this photo while spending time with Fairies in nature.

Author's Photo by Krissy x7525
Our universe is inundated with many mythical beings who provide protection and magic all around.  One of the many magical legendary creatures is a Fairy, also known as Fay, or Fae.  

What is a Fairy?
A Fairy is a form of spirit and considered to be the angels for animals and the environment. Fairies are absolutely real indeed. 

Are Fairies the same as Angels?
Fairies are different from Angels—they are earth dwellers.  Angels reside in the angelic realm of heaven, and deliver messages from the divine.  Fairies are kind and pure beings but different from Angels who provide unconditional love to all human beings. Fairies are bias, unlike angels and will assist people who give back to or care for animals and our planet. There are many open-minded, kind-hearted individuals who’ve experienced Fairy sightings.  Since many people are prone to skepticism, they’re unable to sense or see them. 

How can Fairies help you?
In my everyday life as a psychic detective, I utilize Fairies to assist with my search for lost items. Fairies have many healing abilities and enjoy assisting individuals and animals as well as helping clean the environment.  It’s as simple as asking your Guardian Angel for guidance and protection.  

You may reach out to Fairies and ask for their assistance in most aspects of your life path.  They’ll assist individuals who extend kindness toward Mother Nature.  Fairies may provide you with an assignment to test your good nature.  They have helped many to improve their health and finances.  Once they’ve deemed you trustworthy, let the magic begin. 

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