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Date 8/26/2021
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Do you know if you have spiritual abilities?

Do you know if you have spiritual abilities?

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Clients often ask me, "How would I know if I have psychic abilities? What sets psychics apart from ordinary people?" 

To recognize if you have spiritual intuition, ask yourself, "Have I ever had instances where events happened the way I felt and saw them?" Here's another question, "Do I see, hear, feel and see things and people more than the way others do?"

Those questions should start you to look at memories in your life where things occur with you in particular that have no logical explanation. Most importantly, look at how you tried to figure out how these events manifested and found that you can't, at least not in the usual way.

That should clue you in that you perceive reality in a radically different way than most people. At this point once this realization is put into consciousness, many people say to themselves, "I should not believe that I can do these things. It's insane." The resistance in accepting one's psychic abilities comes from the belief that such talents are somehow unnatural and unacceptable. 

The most important thing you can do when you come to this place is to tell yourself the truth. 

The truth is, psychic people are just like regular people in that we all have inborn talents that are unique to us. Psychic abilities are like being able to run fast naturally or having good hand/eye coordination. The potential for such talents are there for some, and you have a chance to pay attention to and develop them through spiritual training, in the same way athletes strengthen these potentials through practice, discipline and training.

Developing psychic abilities is part of a natural, organic process. It's a lot like when your body went through puberty. As a teenager, your body and mind changed so radically that it was confusing at times, but once you reached adulthood, then you arrived at a more stable place in all levels. 

In the same manner, as your psychic abilities grow, your body and consciousness transforms and during these times you can go through confusion and vulnerability. So it's crucial to give yourself the self-acceptance and support you need during your spiritual growth.


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