Discovering Your Inner Gemstone

Published Date 12/25/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Gemstones have the power to give you courage during a difficult time.

According to historical accounts, gemstones and crystals have the power to offer healing, nurturing, and strength to those who wear them. Different types of gemstones that are found from the earth are beneficial to wear and to have in your house. Some psychics also use crystals during psychic phone readings or to pull negative energy from a person in need. Different crystals offer a range of help for all different needs.

Creative Expression

The stunning blue sapphire should be the choice for those who are looking for amplified creative expression. The stones can also aid in meditation and peace and can have a calming effect, which allows a person to bring out their highest levels of creativity. Blue sapphire is beneficial in personal expression as well. Artists or people who need to delve into their creative selves can benefit by surrounding themselves with blue sapphire. Many people who work in creative industries wear sapphire daily to bring out the best in their minds and creative processes.


If you are in a tough situation and need extra courage, aquamarine or amethyst are the right gemstones for you. Both gemstones can give someone courage during a particularly rough time in their life. Aquamarine is also known for releasing fears, relaxing a person, and providing mental clarity. Amethyst can aid a person in balance and inner strength as well. These gemstones give you the strength to take on tough situations, and make tough decisions along the way. An online psychic can also help you find the courage to face the future with your best foot forward.

Amplified Energy and Concentration

Most people turn to coffee or tea when they need a quick pick-me-up, but crystals can help with both energy and concentration. If you need energy, concentration, and a clear mind, surround yourself with quartz. If you want to increase or stimulate your memory, citrine and amber work for that as well. If you are a student, fluorite can help balance your brain hemispheres making it easier to study. Amethyst not only gives you courage, but it can also help increase brain transmissions making it easier to think through a problem or issue with a clear mind.

Heal the Mind

If you need to release negative energy and heal your mind, turn to green jade, rose quartz or opal. Green jade boasts the ability to focus and heal the mind. Rose quartz is known for detoxifying the mind and cleansing negative energy and thoughts. Opal helps with emotional stability as well. Some people set up healing patterns with these different crystals during an especially difficult period in their life. Others choose to wear these crystals to always make sure that they have a clear, healthy mind.

Crystals and gemstones may look pretty, but they have much more than just aesthetic value. If you work in a creative industry, crystals can amplify your creative process. If you are in need of a little extra courage, it’s possible to always bring that out just by having crystals in your home or by wearing them. There is no limit to the power of crystals, and many people choose to swap them out of their wardrobe depending on what’s going on in their lives on that particular day. 


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