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Published Date 3/31/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Obtain more information by seeing through your third eye.

Limitless wisdom seems strange if you are not familiar with your spirituality. When you learn and know more about your own spirituality and how to use it, immediately, what seemed impossible comes full circle with all possibilities.

All knowledge comes to us through the spiritual gateway before it enters our brain. Scheduling a time during the day to work with your new found whatchamacallit is a good idea.

The center or the nucleus of your spirituality is the “third eye.” The third eye is located in the middle of your forehead.  By concentrating on “seeing” through the third eye, more information can be obtained.

I’ll give you an example; when looking at a ridge on my mountain, I see only trees, brush and green growth. Next, I concentrate all my thought processes, all my energies, on that ridge. Now, an image comes to my mind. It’s big and brown with a tail, antlers and a big nose! Of course it’s a deer. A few minutes later, a physical deer appears just as the deer did in the spiritual form through my third eye.

I practice this exercise over and over again with similar outcomes. Sometimes it’s a deer, a bear, a wolf, a fox or a rabbit. This is also an example of how to use your spiritual energies and learn from them. You can apply this exercise to further your self-education of your being.

A human’s spiritual energies are made of many interchanging forms of energy. You use different ones depending on where you want to take your spirit. A human’s energy field comes from the spirit side rather than the physical side first.

My favorite way to use my spiritual energies is to astral travel, or project myself into another time and space (past or future). I also know some humans are really afraid of their spiritual side.  It’s really the fear, not what people are experiencing.

When doing astral travel, the physical body stays; it’s your spiritual energy or spiritual body you project wherever you would like to go. I concentrate all my energies into my third eye and the space and time I want to arrive.

As I bring my energies together in my third eye, just before I take off I hear an implosion. The implosion sounds like a ball of glass, but it happens so quick I don’t give it a second thought.  The implosion is my energies going through the portal.  Remember, you need to be well rested to have this adventure.

Humans usually need to practice this experience over and over before success is achieved. Afterwards, you’ll do it without blinking an eye.  My hope is that you have learned something new to add to the spiritual library in your mind.  My wish for you is to have a fantastic life. Blessings to all.


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