Discover Your Own Psychic Abilities by Psychic Ben

Published Date 5/18/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

You can discover these gifts as well if you put your mind to it!

Discovering and nurturing your psychic gifts is something that is both easy and hard. With many gifts, the first step is to find one thing about your life that feels natural, but doesn’t seem to fit. Take my experience as an example. As a child, I began to notice that I was being poked at, as if someone was trying to point me in a new direction. It wasn’t quite a sense of anxiety, but an urgent feeling, saying, “Hey, look over there!” I would look at the each person in the group of people until I got a feeling telling me to stop. Then I would get thoughts and feelings from them that told a story. I always felt that I was making up these stories. Being a child, you do that sort of thing. At least I did.

As I grew older, this became a pattern. I could tell it was something more than simple stories. People would listen, sometimes, and be surprised that I could read their emotions without knowing them. It all came together when I purchased my first deck of Tarot cards. When I laid them out to read for my friends, the emotional nudges would show me which images had a message for them. I could then look down the path of their lives and see what they should avoid or embrace.

All of this comes down to finding the quiet place within you and using that to listen to your heart, mind and body. If you feel you need it, find something to help you to focus. It’s the images on the Tarot that work best for me. For you, it might be a crystal, the flame in a candle, or the shadows in a scrying mirror. Once you find the level of focus that’s right for you, you’ll be able to feel, hear or see the messages that you’re meant to receive. Then you can share this with others in your own unique way. It will be an amazing experience when you first connect and feel the absolute rightness of the moment.
Feeling it again and again will show you that you’re on the right track to opening up your gifts.
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