Decoding the Different Types of Dreams

Published Date 11/10/2017
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Astral Travel is just one of the many different types of dreams.

Dreams are the gateway to understanding ourselves on a deeper level. Everyone dreams but everyone doesn’t remember or place significance on their dreams.  Read on to help explain the dream process, the different types of dreams and understand what role dreaming plays in your life.

Lucid Dreams 
Lucid dreams are when you are dreaming and aware that you are dreaming therefore able to change the outcome or wake yourself up if you are frightened. If you have dreams that are troubling, ask for awareness before you go to sleep, and you can train yourself to have more lucid dreams.

Prophetic Dreams
Sometimes dreams are repetitious and demand our attention because they are trying to give us a message and sometimes dreams are just our subconscious making sense out of daily life. Prophetic dreams foretell the future. If you ever have a prophetic dream you may be connecting to a larger current of energy in your sleep that allows you to see or feel something happening remotely. People have reported this occurring to them just before the horrific 9/11 attack in New York City and elsewhere.

Release Dreams
Dreams connected to daily life or whatever was on our mind before we went to bed are called release dreams because they help us to let go and process the day’s events. They are the most common type of dream. Repetitive dreams are trying to tell us something about ourselves or a situation. 

The Language of Dreams
Since the language of dreams is symbolism it is our job to interpret what that means in our life. Houses represent our physical bodies, butterflies sometimes represent spirit and colors normally reflect our feelings about a situation. These are general guidelines because a symbol represents whatever feelings the individual attaches to them. There are many online dream dictionaries to help give an overview of the most common symbols. Dream Interpretation Psychic Advisors can also help you understand the meaning behind symbolism and what it may mean in your life.

Astral Travel
When the mind is quiet and less prone to active thought it gives our departed loved ones an opportunity to visit. This can also happen during sleep. It may not happen right away, but if you ask for a visit before going to sleep and set your intention to seeing them. It will happen when the time is right. Visiting the other side, which is referred to as astral travel, can also occur during sleep. If you practice lucid dreaming, astral travel becomes more common. 

Try keeping a dream journal by your bed. Soon as you wake, jot down what you remember. You may surprise yourself by the wisdom gained from dreaming. 

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