Could You Be Psychic? Don't Ignore These 7 Signs

Published Date 7/24/2015
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Find out if you could be psychic

If you ever have unusual visions, extraordinary sensations, or uncanny feelings, you may have wondered if you can feel and sense more than others around you. These seven signs will help you learn whether you could be psychic.

You Have Visions

Some people can sense when something is going to happen in the very near future, but others actually see visions of events and happenings that have yet to occur. If you see visions and later experience them for yourself, whether they’re positive or downright scary, you may have the ability to engage in psychic channeling.

You’re Familiar With Places Before You Go

Have you ever arrived in a new city, only to feel as though you’ve been there before? If you often experience déjà vu, it means that while you may not have actually visited a destination before, you have psychic knowledge of many locations. This an uncanny feeling of familiarity is often a sign of psychic abilities.

You Can Sense When Someone Is in Trouble

Most people consider themselves to be particularly close to a few friends or family members. A select few people are so close to certain loved ones that they can actually sense when others are in danger. Has the thought of a child or sibling ever popped into your head out of nowhere, leaving you with the sinking feeling that something was terribly wrong? You may have this kind of psychic connection.

You’ve Experienced Psychometry 

Some people are sensitive to touch, but others actually gain knowledge through touch. Have you ever shaken hands with a new acquaintance and immediately felt as if you knew everything about him or her? This is psychometry, or a kind of extrasensory perception that’s prompted by touch.

Your Dreams Are Incredible

Everyone dreams from time to time, but some people’s dreams are much more vivid or predictive than others. Have you ever woken up with a crystal clear memory of a dream, only to experience the dream in waking life later that day or week? If your dreams include vivid details that later come true, they may be telling you that you’re psychic.

You Seek Out Positivity

People who have strong psychic abilities sense far more emotional, mental, and spiritual energy than others do. Being surrounded by negative energy can have drastic and unpleasant effects on psychics. Do you seek out positive energy and surround yourself with only optimistic and encouraging people and sensations? If so, you may have more extrasensory psychic abilities than you knew. 

Your Children Are Psychic

Did you know that psychic abilities are often inherited by family members? If you’ve noticed any of the above tendencies in your children, it’s time to take a closer look at your own abilities. Chances are that if your kids your parents, or your siblings are psychic mediums, so are you.

Whether you’ve experienced one or all of these phenomena, you might have psychic abilities. Talk with an authentic psychic about your experiences and learn how better to channel and use your abilities.


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