Connecting With Your Spirit Guides: Part 1 by Psychic Charity

Published Date 7/18/2013
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Learn to understand the signs from your spirit guides.

As a psychic medium, many people ask me to help them connect with their spirit guides and loved ones who’ve crossed over. I’d like to discuss how to know and connect with your spiritual guides. One question I get a lot is, "Can you name my spirit guides?" In the long run, this doesn’t do too much because your guides may change frequently. I will, however, explain how to connect with your guides so you may do so as needed.

The purpose of a spirit guide is to GUIDE. A spirit guide was once a human being like you and I. They lived their life, performed their earthly mission, died, and then crossed over to the other side. Some spirits choose to reincarnate in a new life and place. Others may choose to reincarnate back into the place with the people they had developed relationships with while here. And then other spirits make the choice to remain in spirit form to learn and spiritually advance while helping others still learning life's lessons. They are here to guide… hence “spirit guides.”

Spirit guides are assigned to us before we’re born to help us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate. They show up when an issue arises that falls under a guide's field of expertise. As we learn, change and grow, spirit guides come and go. When it’s time for them to actually intervene, they have several ways they can accomplish this. 

Spirit Guides send us signs. Guides can arrange synchronicities to bring our attention to things. For instance, a client recently explained to me how her guides drop dimes in her path to show they’re by her side guiding her. Whenever she needs an answer to a problem, she’ll find a dime if she’s making the right decision about a personal crisis. Pay attention to signs like this. 

Also pay attention to your intuition, or gut feelings. When you feel something isn’t right, your spirit guide is giving you a sign. Guides send flashes of intuition which can also come as little voices in your head. You will hear “POTHOLE!” and then you realize you almost drove over a deep hole in the road. Your inner voice may say, “He’s cheating on you.” These thoughts or warnings may appear to come out of nowhere but they contain important information. Always listen to your intuition because it’s an important communication tool between you and your guide.

Your spirit guides may actually work in conjunction with another person's spirit guides to create synchronicity between people and connect their energies. How many times have you picked up the phone to dial someone only to have them dialing you at the same time? You could be thinking about an old boyfriend from twenty years ago and then BAM!—you run into them in the supermarket. Most likely it’s not a chance encounter. It’s most likely prearranged by spirit guides.

Guides can protect us in many ways. For instance, you go to the local 7-11 to buy a lottery ticket. The clerk inputs the wrong numbers and you take the ticket anyway. The numbers that come out that night are the incorrect numbers that the clerk put into the machine and you win! Coincidence or not? Thank your guide for that mistake! 

Perhaps you’re on your way to work, but something is telling you to drive back home because you left something important. When you arrive back home you hear two voices upstairs in the bedroom—your husband in bed with his lover! This is not a coincidence. Again, this is your spirit guide nudging you. Sometimes you need to surrender yourself to a particular situation and follow the path to which it leads.

In the next article, I will explain how to actually connect with your spirit guides. Stay tuned or call me for a spiritual psychic reading!
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