Connecting to Mother Earth

Published Date 4/22/2019
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Get back in touch with nature and feel a strong connection to Mother Earth's energy.

Get back in touch with nature and feel a strong connection to Mother Earth's energy.

In today's busy world, it's easy to feel disconnected from the world around you. Increasingly, our culture requires us to spend time indoors rather than outdoors in the fresh air. You may feel out of step with nature or even out of place when you do spend time outside. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to reconnect with Mother Earth and feel like you are once again part of the natural world.

Make Time to Be Outdoors

Your daily interactions with nature need to go beyond walking to your car in the parking lot and taking out the trash. Set aside time to be outside every day, even if it's just for 10 or 20 minutes. If it feels like you don't have the time, look for something to cut out, like time spent on your smartphone or watching TV.

Focus on the Sensory Experience

Don't just step outside and wait to feel reconnected to Mother Earth. Instead, turn those moments into a meditative experience by focusing on each of your sensory inputs. What do you see? What do you hear, smell, and taste? Touch nature by feeling the bark on a tree, taking your shoes off in the grass, or digging your fingers into the dirt or sand.

Do Something to Give Back

Mother Earth gives us so much every day, and most of the time we just take and take. Find a way to give back to Mother Earth and do something kind for the environment. Pick up some litter from the ground. Plant a small garden in your backyard. Place a bird feeder outside to nourish some of the planet's creatures. These caring tasks allow you to feel closer to Mother Earth.

Bring the Outside In

Nature can become a part of your indoor life if you look for ways to bring Mother Nature into your home. Open up your windows and smell the fresh breeze blowing in. Tend to a variety of indoor plants that add beautiful greenery to your home. Collect a few precious pinecones and place them on your coffee table or nightstand. Learn about astrology readings or get a psychic reading. Small things like this help you feel surrounded by and connected to Mother Earth even when you're inside.

Plan a Trip

When time allows for it, plan a trip that is nature-focused. Try to go camping out in the forest or hike up a nearby hill or mountain. Look for scenic walking trails or row a boat out into the middle of a lake. It can be incredibly powerful to discover stunning wonders of nature within a short drive of your home, reminding you that Mother Earth's beauty is always nearby.

It's time to reconnect with Mother Earth. Get outside and experience nature in a new way.


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