Clearing Away Blocks in Your Life by Psychic Vivi

Published Date 1/1/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Feed the body and the soul

It's time to renew.

Children and animals possess innocence that most people start missing in their teens.  This innocence allows their intuitive side to shine through.  They are untainted, so see things that often become blocked as they age because of all of the stuff that absorb into their mind and spirit.  It doesn't mean they don't still have the intuition or that they are blocked forever.  It just means they have to work to clear out the blockages so they can see clearly.  Clear the third eye.
The older we get the more complex life becomes and then there is more information, emotion and pollutants that cause major blocks and back ups in our systems. Sometimes it can manifest itself in physical illness, mental illness, addiction and confusion. Sometimes we don't even know we are blocked because we get used to being in a funk.

It is very interesting how many people believe in physical cleansing, by fasting and cleaning out their bodies to feel better and have a new start.  It works. But, what about a mental, spiritual cleansing?  People ignore that because they assume it is the physical that is causing the bad feelings.  Imagine if a person had a physical cleansing and also a mental/spiritual cleansing. How vibrant they would be and how much more vivid and crisp the world would be for them!

If you believe your body is a temple, it is important to feed the body and the soul. Try working on the issues that may block you on an intellectual level.  Focus on the mundane, what is important and what isn't. Make lists of what you want and don't want. Write things down. You will be amazed at how this clears away some of the baggage.

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