Changing Your Personal Vibe

Date 1/4/2018

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

First, what is a personal energy vibration anyway?

Your personal vibe is essentially the collection of all your thoughts and feelings both conscious and subconscious about yourself and the world around you. 

Your Conscious Energy Vibration Vs…
The conscious part of your energy vibration is self-explanatory. It is the part of your thoughts and feelings that you play an active role in and are fully aware of. 

For example, let’s say you look in the mirror to check yourself out before leaving for the day. You may say to yourself, “I love my hair with this new cut, but I still hate my nose. It looks ridiculous.” Depending on how much you love your hair and how much you hate your nose you probably left the house with a bi-polar feeling about your appearance. 

...The Subconscious.
The subconscious part of your vibration is generally way more complicated. Much of what makes up our subconscious are the uncomfortable feelings we have forcibly blocked out to cope and continue with our lives. These are usually feelings of fear, anger, aggression, shame, guilt, insecurity and/or inadequacy. Also in our subconscious is programming or thoughts and feelings we have accepted as general truths and then forgot about, but still use to operate from in the world. 

Back to our example. Let’s break it down. “I love my hair with this new cut.” Well, why do you love your new hair? Is it because it’s new, it makes you look like that sexy celebrity, or you have received several compliments since you got it? Most likely it’s probably a combination of all those factors. Then we have, “I still hate my nose. It looks ridiculous.” Where did that come from really? Who or what taught you to hate your nose. Was it because you were teased as a child about it, or was it because you inherited your nose from your mother and she was insecure about it and therefore passed that insecurity on to you as well? Again, it’s probably a combination of many things. 

Reprogram Your Mind?
With all being said, it should be a bit clearer how our minds work. The conscious mind determines or displays how we think and feel, and the subconscious mind is how or why we think and feel the way we do. You are probably thinking, “Yeah okay so…what’s the point? My conscious mind is in this cycle that doesn’t change and my subconscious mind that’s out of my reach is the reason? This is supposed to help me how?”

By trying to change your conscious thoughts and feelings about yourself and others you can reprogram your subconscious mind, in turn changing your personal energy vibration!

One more time with the example. “I hate my nose. It looks ridiculous.” After examining why you hate your nose you may easily decide, “Well those are silly reasons.” and move on and decide to accept your nose. It is not always this easy, but often enough it is! It may take more effort, however; after studying your face as a whole in the mirror you can conclude, “Okay so I don’t look like that super model, but why do I have to? My nose actually compliments the rest of my features. It makes it look more assertive and strong. Those are qualities I like. I stand out more and I can use that to my advantage. Those are also qualities I could use more of anyway. I’ve let others determine how I feel about myself through my sensitivity another strength I should never let others use against me. Who cares what others think because when I accept myself that is what heightens my personal vibe, and in the end, that is what makes me attractive to others! Sure, I may face adversity, jealousy, and nit picking, but that’s just because I’m awesome. Others want to be awesome too and just don’t know how to be or believe they are too flawed themselves. There’s no way I’m taking their thoughts and feelings about my appearance seriously!” 

Soon enough you will be wondering how something this small and insignificant could have ever affected you so much. Your personal vibe is your personal power. Use it wisely and to your advantage.

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